The Floral Collection 1 Colouring Book

The Floral Collection Colouring Book

Skull and Poppies.jpgRosehips.jpgSunflowers 1.jpg

Above: A few Images you will find in the book. 

This book was created with the artist in mind. The artist has full control where he/she wants to put the highlights and shadows, what colours to use and also what media they prefer as well. There are 3 options for purchase.

Digital Copy – This version can be purchased through Easy. This is perfect if you would like to print on to a specific type of paper or canvas sheet. This is also the way to go if you are going to use theses designs as traceable for a canvas. This option gives the artist full control. £8

Click Here to Purchase the Digital Copy.

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A5 Hardcopy – This option is perfect for the traveller. Small and light weight, it is easy for you to carry in your bag. This option is best used with pencils. £5 plus postage

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A4 Hardcopy – The at home colourist. Perfect for shilling out at home with a cuppa, or maybe even a glass of wine. The media best used for this option is also colouring pencils. £10 plus postage.

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*Copyright Notice: All digital and hardcopies are under strict copyright laws. They are for personal use only and are not to be distributed under any circumstances. They are my original work and action will be taken for any offence.*

**Returns policy – The Digital PDF files we have a strict NO refund policy, with absolutely no exceptions. For the Hardcopy books, you need to process this through Lulu.**