Triathlon training

So I’ve set the date for my first Triathlon. After a swim on Friday, an hour bike ride on saturday, a day of much needed rest on Sunday, I thought it best to give myself a lot of time to do my first sprint triathlon. Although I can do all 3 distances by themselves, I’m slow, it takes it out of me and I seriously doubt I would be able to do any of them by together. 

On the 17th of September I will be starting the swim leg of my first triathlon. I’m so excited but I’m also scared as hell. I’ve got a 400m swim, 22ks of biking and a 5K run tot train for. I must remember that I need to give myself enough time to put the appropriate amount of training in. The bike leg scares me the most and I know me. I’ll give myself any excuse not to do it. 

My new helmet, it doesn’t really match my bike but at least my head is protected! And I love th colour! Keep up to date with my day to day training and follow me on instagram