Limited Palette Challenge – 6 Red City

Amidst the perilous depths of a city painted red, a path illuminated by defiant green lamps, offered a glimmer of hope and resilience. The darkness, beckoned the brave to navigate through the treacherous urban maze.

Red City Art Print – limited colour palette

I loved creating this one. It may not be the most sophisticated, or the most skilled but I just enjoyed dreaming this one up. It took much longer than I intended to spend on a piece for this challenge. Enjoying the creative process is why I’m doing this mini challenge.

Printable Wall Art – Red City

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Limited Palette Challenge – 3 Barren Sunrise

The sun ascended over the barren landscape, golden rays danced upon the desolate earth, breathing life into the forgotten corners of desolate plains.

Digital Marketing all art print

These are beautiful colours, they go perfectly together. I enjoyed creating this one the most so far. Procreate Pocket is a wonderful little app. Definitely worth the small cost.

Barren Sunrise Art Print – download

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Limited Palette Challenge – 2 Rays of Sunshine

Their golden faces turned towards the sun, dancing in the summer breeze, spreading warmth and joy and life.

Day 2 – Limited Colour Palette Challenge

Another quick painting done in #procreatepocket I’ve used the charcoals only. I wanted it to be simple but bright. Sunflowers have to be one of my most favourite flowers. Again, I’ve used a limited colour palette, just to make things fun.

Rays of Sunshine – printable wall art

This print is available in my Etsy store – BLUE UNICORN DIGITAL.

Limited Palette Challenge – 1 Sunset Summer

Water shimmered like liquid diamonds, reflecting the golden hues and warmth of the setting summer sun.

Sunset Summer

Messing around with a limited colour palette in Procreate Pocket app.

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Buy the A4 printable wall art in my ETSY store – BLUE UNICORN DIGITAL.

Happy new year!

This year we welcomed a new addition to our family, it is now perfectly complete. I forgot how precious babies are. Our biggest baby graduated primary school and is becoming a beautiful little lady. Marcus is cruising around and kicking goals at soccer and at school. Overall this year has seen some beautiful moments, we have created some amazing memories.

I’ve experienced some lows, my mental health took a bashing this year. However along with the bashing I have also learned a lot, about myself and how to deal with people better. The arrival of James has really brought into perspective what’s important in life.

I’ve been working on something new that will be released THIS WEEK! With that, here is a look back at some of what I’ve created this year.

I’ve had a lot of fun this past year. I’ve got so much planned for next year. Let’s have some fun this coming year. Wishing you all love, happiness and health in 2023!

Am I a novelist?

The answer to that question is a HARD NO! However, I would like to be. I’m not really sure where to start. It’s hard knowing what is good when I write. I also feel what I “write in my head” is very different to what I manage to get on to paper. Anyone else feel the same?

A sneak peek of some of my digital art work. The Langour Jungle.

I do like to draw an image and then write a description or couple of paragraphs to go with it. I like to create a whole world to go with it. Maybe that’s where I should start? Short and sweet. Smaller more manageable goals.

The genre I like? Fantasy of course. I’ve read so many fantasy and romance books, many of them are so similar I wonder if some of the authors has a convention to discuss how many slightly different ways the same story can be told. Which makes me think “How can I come up with anything new.” It makes me not want to bother. It scares me that I’ll pour my heart and soul into something that is just average. Something that’s already been written.

With having read 100’s of books I will have found inspiration for my idea from some book or movie at some point. It’s inevitable. It is almost impossible to create something totally original. I remember reading a book once, I believe it was called Big Magic. It basically stated that there no new ideas, only different ways of they can be portrayed. Or something to that affect.

I guess, the one thing, and most important thing I’ve learnt while learning how to draw, create art and now garden and grow things is “You have to try!” I guess that’s where I’m at, I need to try. If it’s rubbish, someone will tell me – that’s guaranteed.

With that in mind, I’ve written my first paragraphs to some art work I’m really happy with. I just have to find the guts to put it out there!

Time Out with the family at the Japanese Gardens Toowoomba

My biggest art fear

I’ve always shied away from drawing people. I doubt I’m the only one, but for some reason I’m scared of doing a rubbish job. Which is ridiculous, no one else needs to see it if it is rubbish. Let’s face it, if its not on social media – it didn’t really happen did it?

So, I’m starting. I’m just going to draw. I’ve watched some tutorials and I have a fair idea on how to start now. Skin tone is hard so I’m starting there. I still want to keep some artistic flair and not produce photorealism.

I’m using procreate and I love it so far. Highly recommended!

Finished – Hand

I’m happy with my start. I need to now find some good reference photos to practice with!

Digital Art Vs Traditional Art Vs Photography

Purple is my favourite colour. I’ve said so many times, it calms me, makes me smile. The first image is my digital illustration version of a tree I painted when I first started my art art journey in 2017 (if I remember correctly).

Marigolds – my reference photo and then digital illustration of the photo. I used the pastel pencils in Procreate to create this one. I am loving Procreate for many reasons.

It’s a whole lot less messy and I can do it anywhere. I don’t need internet or Wi-Fi. I often run my Apple Pencil flat though.

Follow me on insta to see how I progress with procreate. I am creating some thing special so keep your eyes pealed!

Faces, Figures and Feeling Blue

I’ve been working really hard the last few weeks on my digital art. I’ve done a few tutorials, played around with the features and had some fun with different styles. The ups and downs of recent times have been a bit difficult for me to navigate. My family and my art has helped my cope ok.

Abstract – Feeling Blue – Prints are available

I’m using stamp brushes in procreate. I’ve never been good with faces so using a stencil for now just to get a feel of shapes and shadows has helped a lot. Someday cheating but I say if it looks good, and it’s your idea then go for it. Especially if it’s just to practice!

Lockdown has been a god send for me. Although I do get lost in my art and forget to exercise, and eat.

I have so many more designs and painting I’ve created and I’m excited to share with you. Come back next week to see some more awesome artwork.

Digital art Vs Traditional Art

There are so many differences between digital art and traditional art. One is there is a whole lot less mess with digital art. Especially for me, because I trash the joint when I’m painting……. Just ask my other half.

Some people prefer the traditional and some prefer digital. I thought (before I started digital art) that it would be easier, oh how wrong I was! It’s just as difficult to get a fantastic image, the challenges are just different. You still need to learn how to use your brushes, how the ‘canvas’ feels.

Grass in the park

I can’t wait to learn more and more. As with traditional art I have so many ideas that I want to try. My reference photo library is going to come in handy. I’ve already used several of my photos to help with shape, style and colour palettes.

Weekly trips and adventures are going to become a regular occurrence in our family life. My aim is to get at least 2 images for my library every week. They give me inspiration and ideas for my art. Looking forward to the next few weeks of art!