Nail art Template

I created a little nail art template that is a bit less chunky than the one I got of Pinterest. I’ll leave the PNG and JPG below for you to use. let me know if you like it on instagram.

Free Nail Art Template JPG
Free Nail Art Template PNG

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Nail art

Some more cute nail art I’ve done. The Christmas nails are probably part of my all time favourites. I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year! Gathering around with the family. Christmas in Australia and the UK are so totally different. In Aussie we wear flip flops and swimmers to a BBQ. More than likely we’ve been swimming at the beach already in the morning. In the UK, obviuously we have the fire going and lots of food in the oven. It’s a lot more stressful in the UK I must say, it’s more of a production. I do miss an Aussie Christmas but dare say once we move home I’ll miss a UK Christmas too! 

Nail Art

I love many different things. I love to sing, go horse riding, reading and doing nails! I’m a fully qualified and insured nail tech and it’s one of my favourite things to do. It helped me stay creative even when I wasn’t able to find the time to paint or draw. I like to do natural nails the most, but acrylic extensions can be a lot of fun.

Here are just a few of my recent favourites!

I particularly like the Packman nails which were inspired by Pinterest. I also love the French style nails, I learnt that particular technique from Sam Biddle, of course I added my own little twist with the white hearts as accent nails.

Whether it’s gel polish or acrylic extensions, it doesn’t matter. Creating new designs really makes me happy.

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Chrissy xx