“Be you, the world will adjust“

I saw this quote on a popular social media site – no idea who or where it came from originally. I would love nothing more than to just be me…. no holes barred me. Easier said than done.

See I’m a little bit quirky – my sense of humour isn’t for everyone and neither is my outlook on life. Which to be honest, makes most people think I’m delusional. I like to see everyone as good until proven otherwise….. in the corporate world this has come to bite me in the butt more than once.

Essentially my views have allowed me to successfully navigate life thus far. Most people are in fact inherently good – just sometimes their life experiences and lack of skills on how to cope with said experiences jades them.

One of many reference photos in our library!

Everyone – no, MOST PEOPLE want peace and love and laughter in their life, many don’t know how to achieve this. I battle constantly with myself trying not to get involved in affairs that aren’t mine. I can’t help it when I see something that isn’t fair, or needs to be addressed. Not everyone likes this.

Where do you draw the line? Where is the point that you go “I’m no longer stepping in”. This part I definitely haven’t figured out yet and I’ll let you know if I ever do.

What I can tell you is that I’ve found what I love, what I’m good at, I have people around me that I trust and that I care about and at times I feel so at peace with my surroundings that I almost can’t believe it’s true.

One of my works in progress – Dragon Portals

What’s your thoughts?

Catch ya’s all later, Chrissy

Floral paintings

I’ve really been getting into the floral paintings over the last few months. I have done some water colours that I’ll show you next week. I’ve also done several sketches for my colouring book.

To check out more of my work go to my Facebook or Instagram feeds to see some work in process pics.

Here are some of my recent acrylics paintings on canvas board.

I really love sun flowers and so does my step mum. I painted these for her when she came over to the uk earlier this year.

Poppies are just beautiful and stunningly bright! These ones are already sold.

Lilies are my favourite flowers and I absolutely love this little one. The most realistic I’ve managed to paint so far.

And the last of my acrylic flowers for now, my yellow roses. I will have to revisit these ones as I’m not 100% happy with them.

Thanks for looking at my work,

Chrissy xx

Obsession – Abstract Art

Obsession uses my all time favourite colours. Aptly named, I have an obsession with the colour purple. I like to have some drama in my paintings, the more contrast and texture the better.

Starting off with some basic colours and soft blends. I love to blend the paint together on my canvas, mixing the different colours by adding different amounts of each colour.

Adding more depth of colour and changing shapes where I think I need to. Nearly finished, I have to just add some more texture with the palette knife and I’m all done! I’m using packing tape to hold my canvas sheet to my board. It’s a really handy tool as it will give me a lovely little border around the edge of my sheet.

If you fancy popping over to see my next piece in progress, I have progress pictures available on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you’re ready to purchase one of my paintings please pop over to my Etsy store.

Cheers guys,

Chrissy xx

River through the mountains

Here is my first ever painting done with a palette knife. A river running through the mountains to the ocean.

I love the flow and peace that this painting seems to give. Although the river is clearly forcing its way to the ocean, the flow of water makes me feel calm and relaxed. This is the first piece of a series of paintings featuring rivers, the ocean and mountains. I’m surrounded by mountains here where I live so it’s not hard to find plenty of inspiration.

The first stage of this painting. I blocked in the background colours with a fat brush. I very much limited the amount of colours I used for this painting. I wanted to challenge myself to create a piece with depth using limited tools. I had 1 brush and one palette knife, red, blue, yellow, black and white. My favourite kinds of skies to create are definitely stormy skies. I like my paintings to have lots of drama in them. The acrylic paint I have used is Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic paint.

Next week I’ll be publishing another river painting I have created this year. To keep up to date with my current work please pop over to my social media pages.