Artist’s October Wrap Up

It’s all fun and games until someone knocks over my Orchid – or even worse, bans me from buying any more house plants!

The last few months has seen some massive life changes for my family and I. We’ve welcomed a new edition to the family. Who has caused utter chaos in the best way. Baby James has really brought me back down to earth and helped me realise what is actually important in life. He is ADORABLE! At only 9 weeks old he has started rolling…. Nothing is safe.

I’ve also been able to work on many things for myself for a change. I’ve been able to focus more on the things I want to continue with. Which is where this monthly update comes in. It will be a collection of things I’ve been up to over the last month or so. It will also include what’s coming up and when new works are being released.


The Island of Ramichi – Langour Forest

This month I released the first chapter of The Island of Ramichi. My first illustrated short story. I’ve had some good reviews. I’ve also had a couple of people make some suggestions and edits – which I’m very grateful for. I know this sounds strange, however it’s my first story that I’ve let people read. I hope to get better as I continue to write so constructive criticism is a welcome. If you would like to read the story so far CLICK HERE.

The second chapter is set to be released next week! Keep your eyes peeled. For now though, I would like to introduce you to Oriana. The main character. What secrets will we uncover while she is on the island?

The Island of Ramichi – Oriana Character Profile


Has anyone else ever watched a nature documentary and been so totally over come with emotion when the mumma loses her little one? Or are my hormones still making me crazy? I can’t even watch those little clips you see on the socials with out getting teary. It breaks my heart, I automatically think of the kids and then it’s all over. I’m blubbering like a baby. Anyone else?

**Brand New Phone backgrounds and wallpapers have been released.**

I have been working on a number of different kinds of wallpapers and backgrounds for phones for a little while now. With more and more being released monthly.

Please go and check them out HERE. For only $2 (AUD) you can’t really go wrong.

I am happy to alter them, or make a completely unique one for you as well, just drop me an email!

Coming up in November.

Christmas Cards and Free Colouring sheet! This month I’m releasing my Christmas Cards again. I am also giving away a free colouring sheet, you don’t even have to buy the cards. All you need to do is go to my website and download the PDF! Simple as that.

Island of Ramichi – Langour Jungle

Finally, I have released the first chapter of an illustrated fantasy short story I’ve written. I’m so nervous about it. I’m not worried about the artwork, I’m pretty happy with that. I’m terrified that I put all this effort into writing and no one likes it! Or worse, it’s totally rubbish and everyone hates it.

The Island of Ramichi

Opinions are welcome. Although it’ll hurt, constructive criticism is absolutely appreciated. I know I’m going to have the odd armchair critic being an a**hat, but I will have to learn not to take everything to heart so much. Life is full of people how are not nice just because they can be.

I’m new to this writing thing. I’m bound to mess it up. My writing style will be clumsy, probably disjointed and lacking in sophistication. How am I to improve if I don’t put it out there?

I’ve taken inspiration from many people, places and even animals while creating a world. I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s in my head. I could have waited until I created the whole thing before publishing. I think I would have been waiting for several decades!

So, to read the first chapter of my short story CLICK HERE!!!! This fantasy story is set in Pleyon. A world of fairies, dragon shifters and war. Happy reading!

A sneak peek at some of the artwork to come.