Mental Stress

How I de-stress on my weekends – gardening

Mental stress is a funny thing – it’s not like when you’ve just got a lot to do, or a tricky work task that needs a lot of concentration. Mental and emotional stress (of which I’ve been under a lot lately) is strange.

In the work environment; your put with different personalities, you learn to navigate tricky situations and try to lead a peaceful and harmonious work life. Well, lately I’ve been putting up with some really crap behaviour that I would certainly NOT put up with in my personal life.

Another way I love to de-stress – Digital Chalk Drawing

Why do we do this? Why do we allow other people to blast through our boundaries and just suffer in silence?

I don’t know why, maybe it’s because as kids we are told to sit down, shit up and do what we are told. I say NO MORE. I am not going to be put through it any more. Now that’s not saying I’m going to be an asshole about it. I am however going to learn better ways to say “No” and “Back Off”. I am then going to be teaching my children to do the same.

I also plan to paint and draw more with my iPad and do a lot more gardening. I really need a holiday!

My biggest art fear

I’ve always shied away from drawing people. I doubt I’m the only one, but for some reason I’m scared of doing a rubbish job. Which is ridiculous, no one else needs to see it if it is rubbish. Let’s face it, if its not on social media – it didn’t really happen did it?

So, I’m starting. I’m just going to draw. I’ve watched some tutorials and I have a fair idea on how to start now. Skin tone is hard so I’m starting there. I still want to keep some artistic flair and not produce photorealism.

I’m using procreate and I love it so far. Highly recommended!

Finished – Hand

I’m happy with my start. I need to now find some good reference photos to practice with!

Digital Art Vs Traditional Art Vs Photography

Purple is my favourite colour. I’ve said so many times, it calms me, makes me smile. The first image is my digital illustration version of a tree I painted when I first started my art art journey in 2017 (if I remember correctly).

Marigolds – my reference photo and then digital illustration of the photo. I used the pastel pencils in Procreate to create this one. I am loving Procreate for many reasons.

It’s a whole lot less messy and I can do it anywhere. I don’t need internet or Wi-Fi. I often run my Apple Pencil flat though.

Follow me on insta to see how I progress with procreate. I am creating some thing special so keep your eyes pealed!

Faces, Figures and Feeling Blue

I’ve been working really hard the last few weeks on my digital art. I’ve done a few tutorials, played around with the features and had some fun with different styles. The ups and downs of recent times have been a bit difficult for me to navigate. My family and my art has helped my cope ok.

Abstract – Feeling Blue – Prints are available

I’m using stamp brushes in procreate. I’ve never been good with faces so using a stencil for now just to get a feel of shapes and shadows has helped a lot. Someday cheating but I say if it looks good, and it’s your idea then go for it. Especially if it’s just to practice!

Lockdown has been a god send for me. Although I do get lost in my art and forget to exercise, and eat.

I have so many more designs and painting I’ve created and I’m excited to share with you. Come back next week to see some more awesome artwork.

Digital art Vs Traditional Art

There are so many differences between digital art and traditional art. One is there is a whole lot less mess with digital art. Especially for me, because I trash the joint when I’m painting……. Just ask my other half.

Some people prefer the traditional and some prefer digital. I thought (before I started digital art) that it would be easier, oh how wrong I was! It’s just as difficult to get a fantastic image, the challenges are just different. You still need to learn how to use your brushes, how the ‘canvas’ feels.

Grass in the park

I can’t wait to learn more and more. As with traditional art I have so many ideas that I want to try. My reference photo library is going to come in handy. I’ve already used several of my photos to help with shape, style and colour palettes.

Weekly trips and adventures are going to become a regular occurrence in our family life. My aim is to get at least 2 images for my library every week. They give me inspiration and ideas for my art. Looking forward to the next few weeks of art!

Studying, working and creating

Well my life is pretty busy, between the kids school and sporting endeavours and a full time job that entails at least 1.5hrs travel time each day it’s a wonder how I manage to get anything else done.

Weekend fun at the park with the kiddos.

I’m studying a Cert 3 in IT and trying to teach myself how to use Procreate. I guess the only reason I’m getting any of this done is because I love it. I find the time. Playing with procreate is relaxing so I’m using that as my downtime. Here are a few things I’ve created so far.

I’m not sure if I like Procreate more than traditional art. There is just something about a paint brush on canvas, or a pencil on sketch paper. It is a whole lot less messy though!

Til next time, get creative!

First Experience with Procreate

I’ve been using Procreate for 3 days. I’m enjoying it so far. There are so many different brushes, and effects I think it’ll take me many months to use them all.

My first attempt at using Procreate.

I am having difficulty with layers. I forget to put some details in certain layers and then I’m not sure if you can go back into them. I’ll need to watch some tutorials.

Second attempt….

I used my own reference photos from my library. I cut the rose out and used some of the other features and backgrounds. I think I’ve decided I prefer free hand drawing the most. It’s only been 3 days, so I’m sure that’ll change when I get better at using it.

Third attempt, I’m really happy with this one.

The above was inspired by the evening sky while I was driving home. It’s winter here in Brisbane. It looked cold, but so colourful while the sun was setting. The iPencil I’ve been using is easy to use, it’s smooth and the battery lasts forever. I can’t wait to continue to use Procreate and the pencil.