What morning routine?

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Our morning rituals coincide completely with how well the baby sleeps. If he slept well, I’ll be up at 6.00 having a cup of coffee watching him play on the floor. If he slept poorly, I’ll be awake at goodness knows when, still with a coffee albeit cold and cuddling the little Koala.

Unfortunately teething has thrown all schedules into chaos and is causing pain in all members of the house hold. Thankfully it will only last a short while.

Mostly though he’s a happy baby and we wake up to these smiles most mornings.

Happy baby smiles ❤️

Rain, hail, shine

What is your favorite type of weather?

Like many, my favourite season is autumn. I love the colours of browning leaves, the thought of colder weather to come. Fire places, hot cocoa and blankets.

However I live in Brisbane and the autumn here is much different to the autumn everywhere else. It’s still hot here. Sometimes unbearably so.

As I child I grew up loving the heat. You can play all year round here. I fell in love with autumn and winter through my love of reading. It was one set of books in particular “Holywell Stables” and “Riders” by Samantha Alexander. Romantically hoping I’d spend my days riding horse with a cute boy and my best friend.

I must admit, I read those books for the first time while sitting at the beach during summer with my granma.

Image taken by a friend in the UK while on a walk one beautiful autumn morning.

The reality of British weather is very very different. It’s miserable. I know, I lived it for almost 10 years. Except autumn. It’s magical. Beautiful. The colours are perfect, the cold dry mornings, mixed with rainy days and afternoons are just how I’d imagined them. We were lucky enough to have a fire to sit beside as well.

A cold, crisp morning (even if it’s raining) is my favourite. It makes you feel alive and although I’m not chasing horses like I dreamed. I am chasing kids and I also got the cute fella.

If nature also inspires you why not check out some of my nature inspired colouring pages in my Etsy store.

Blue Unicorn Digital

Daily enjoyment

What do you wish you could do more every day?

I wish I could enjoy each day a little more. With a 7month old, and 2 older children I know just how quickly they grow up. Yet I can’t seem to find the joy in each day. I am too bogged down in “getting things done”.

Personalised digital art – my latest piece created for my little gem.

I wish I knew how to let go, and truly relax. While still being able to get things done. After all, I would like to grow my business as well.

Does this feel like you to? Maybe some time to relax will help you chill out as well. I know when I’m stressed I enjoy unwinding with my art. Sometimes that’s just colouring. If you would like to try colouring but not sure where to start, check out a digital copy of my colouring book Garden Calm.

Front cover -floral garden colouring
Front cover – floral garden mindful colouring

Let me know how you go, I love hearing what I can improve on.