Subscription to colouring pages!

Finally the group is ready to open. I have been working really hard trying to get a range of colouring sheets and reference photos together for artists to use. The colouring pages can be used as painting traceables and even printed directly on to canvas sheets.

For a yearly subscription you can have unlimited access to more than 20 colouring pages and 130 reference photos. With more being added each month. With tips and ideas being shared regularly.

To get access to this group you must send your $25 via PayPal to

When you have done this, ask to join quoting your PayPal transaction-number. You will then be given access.

Please contact me if you have any problems. I will be happy to help.

Reference Photos and Colouring Pages

What you get:

1. 14 printable colouring pages in PDF format that you can print a number of times with up to 15 New Colouring Sheets added every year

2. Tips for printing on to paper and canvases and to use as traceables for larger canvases

3. How to videos and worksheets to help you improve your art skills

4. Over 130 references photos to help with shading and colour ideas in more than 15 different categories being added to monthly

New folders, colouring sheets and tips being added every month at no extra charge.

Copyright and Terms and Conditions apply for all colouring pages and reference photos.

All rules for the group are to be read and followed. There will be immediate removal from the group without warning for any rule breaking.

The yearly subscription is non-refundable after 14 days. These are digital files that can be easily saved and copied.

Cancelation fee of $10 will apply to all cancellations within 14 days.

Once you have been refunded, you will be removed from the group.

Colouring Pages and so much more

I have created a colouring group to teach some art techniques. In this group you will find ideas and tips on paper choice and colouring ideas. You can share your progress and ask questions.

I have created a number of colouring pages that are downloadable for you to print out. There is also a book coming and I am always making more colouring sheets. Check it out at:

Just 2 of my current collections. They leave a lot to the colourists imagination. They have been really popular even with the young at heart.

Check out my Instagram and Facebook feeds for work in progress pictures and a release date for my book.


Chrissy Turley xx

Colouring pages

I’ve been working on these little sketches for a few weeks now. I’m pretty happy with them and they are proving to be quite popular.

I have 7 new designs of various flowers to native and wild animals.

I’m really excited to show you. These will be a social media item. I will not be putting them in my Etsy store for now.

Normal White Printing Paper – perfect for colour pencils.

£0.70 each with a postage cost of £1.30 per address.

Mixed Media Paper – great for acrylic paint or watercolour paint.

£1.10 each with a postage cost of £1.30 per address.

Choose one or all of the designs and enjoy creating beautiful art.

if you would like to purchase some these cute little designs, please pop over to my Facebook or Instagram pages!