My biggest art fear

I’ve always shied away from drawing people. I doubt I’m the only one, but for some reason I’m scared of doing a rubbish job. Which is ridiculous, no one else needs to see it if it is rubbish. Let’s face it, if its not on social media – it didn’t really happen did it?

So, I’m starting. I’m just going to draw. I’ve watched some tutorials and I have a fair idea on how to start now. Skin tone is hard so I’m starting there. I still want to keep some artistic flair and not produce photorealism.

I’m using procreate and I love it so far. Highly recommended!

Finished – Hand

I’m happy with my start. I need to now find some good reference photos to practice with!

Digital art Vs Traditional Art

There are so many differences between digital art and traditional art. One is there is a whole lot less mess with digital art. Especially for me, because I trash the joint when I’m painting……. Just ask my other half.

Some people prefer the traditional and some prefer digital. I thought (before I started digital art) that it would be easier, oh how wrong I was! It’s just as difficult to get a fantastic image, the challenges are just different. You still need to learn how to use your brushes, how the ‘canvas’ feels.

Grass in the park

I can’t wait to learn more and more. As with traditional art I have so many ideas that I want to try. My reference photo library is going to come in handy. I’ve already used several of my photos to help with shape, style and colour palettes.

Weekly trips and adventures are going to become a regular occurrence in our family life. My aim is to get at least 2 images for my library every week. They give me inspiration and ideas for my art. Looking forward to the next few weeks of art!

First Experience with Procreate

I’ve been using Procreate for 3 days. I’m enjoying it so far. There are so many different brushes, and effects I think it’ll take me many months to use them all.

My first attempt at using Procreate.

I am having difficulty with layers. I forget to put some details in certain layers and then I’m not sure if you can go back into them. I’ll need to watch some tutorials.

Second attempt….

I used my own reference photos from my library. I cut the rose out and used some of the other features and backgrounds. I think I’ve decided I prefer free hand drawing the most. It’s only been 3 days, so I’m sure that’ll change when I get better at using it.

Third attempt, I’m really happy with this one.

The above was inspired by the evening sky while I was driving home. It’s winter here in Brisbane. It looked cold, but so colourful while the sun was setting. The iPencil I’ve been using is easy to use, it’s smooth and the battery lasts forever. I can’t wait to continue to use Procreate and the pencil.


Subscription to colouring pages!

Finally the group is ready to open. I have been working really hard trying to get a range of colouring sheets and reference photos together for artists to use. The colouring pages can be used as painting traceables and even printed directly on to canvas sheets.

For a yearly subscription you can have unlimited access to more than 20 colouring pages and 130 reference photos. With more being added each month. With tips and ideas being shared regularly.

To get access to this group you must send your $25 via PayPal to

When you have done this, ask to join quoting your PayPal transaction-number. You will then be given access.

Please contact me if you have any problems. I will be happy to help.

Reference Photos and Colouring Pages

What you get:

1. 14 printable colouring pages in PDF format that you can print a number of times with up to 15 New Colouring Sheets added every year

2. Tips for printing on to paper and canvases and to use as traceables for larger canvases

3. How to videos and worksheets to help you improve your art skills

4. Over 130 references photos to help with shading and colour ideas in more than 15 different categories being added to monthly

New folders, colouring sheets and tips being added every month at no extra charge.

Copyright and Terms and Conditions apply for all colouring pages and reference photos.

All rules for the group are to be read and followed. There will be immediate removal from the group without warning for any rule breaking.

The yearly subscription is non-refundable after 14 days. These are digital files that can be easily saved and copied.

Cancelation fee of $10 will apply to all cancellations within 14 days.

Once you have been refunded, you will be removed from the group.

Wasting a few Canvases

One of my first little pieces – my purple tree. It is still one of my MOST viewed and bought prints. I remember creating it like it was yesterday. I loved trying to create it from an image in my head. I didn’t know whether it would work out or not. I felt I was really stepping out of my comfort zone not having a reference photo.

Purple Tree

This was four years ago and I still never know whether a painting is going to work out. I mean I always hope it does but I’m not too upset if it doesn’t. Sometimes I’ll revisit it, sometimes I won’t. The point is I tried to create something that was in my mind. I tried to bring an image to life.

I’m starting to realise, as I get older that I’ll regret not trying things way more than I will wasting some money on a few canvases! Art has helped me grow a whole lot more than anything else I’ve done. It’s helped allow me to show my compassionate and caring side.

Cabin by the River

Another one from that year. This was one of the first pieces I sold. A real ego boost. I remember selling it and how that made me feel. I have always favoured the thought of having my own business. I love to create.

The only other thing that has helped me grow an enormous amount in the last couple of years was With You With Me. I started learning Data Analytics and from there I started to teach. More on that in a later post. So many people look at me weird when I tell them I’m an Artist and a Data Analyst. Most people don’t think these two loves don’t go together, but if you think about it you see many similarities.

Check out my next post to find out how I got into Data Analysis and how the two careers are similar.

“Be you, the world will adjust“

I saw this quote on a popular social media site – no idea who or where it came from originally. I would love nothing more than to just be me…. no holes barred me. Easier said than done.

See I’m a little bit quirky – my sense of humour isn’t for everyone and neither is my outlook on life. Which to be honest, makes most people think I’m delusional. I like to see everyone as good until proven otherwise….. in the corporate world this has come to bite me in the butt more than once.

Essentially my views have allowed me to successfully navigate life thus far. Most people are in fact inherently good – just sometimes their life experiences and lack of skills on how to cope with said experiences jades them.

One of many reference photos in our library!

Everyone – no, MOST PEOPLE want peace and love and laughter in their life, many don’t know how to achieve this. I battle constantly with myself trying not to get involved in affairs that aren’t mine. I can’t help it when I see something that isn’t fair, or needs to be addressed. Not everyone likes this.

Where do you draw the line? Where is the point that you go “I’m no longer stepping in”. This part I definitely haven’t figured out yet and I’ll let you know if I ever do.

What I can tell you is that I’ve found what I love, what I’m good at, I have people around me that I trust and that I care about and at times I feel so at peace with my surroundings that I almost can’t believe it’s true.

One of my works in progress – Dragon Portals

What’s your thoughts?

Catch ya’s all later, Chrissy

Colouring Pages and so much more

I have created a colouring group to teach some art techniques. In this group you will find ideas and tips on paper choice and colouring ideas. You can share your progress and ask questions.

I have created a number of colouring pages that are downloadable for you to print out. There is also a book coming and I am always making more colouring sheets. Check it out at:

Just 2 of my current collections. They leave a lot to the colourists imagination. They have been really popular even with the young at heart.

Check out my Instagram and Facebook feeds for work in progress pictures and a release date for my book.


Chrissy Turley xx

Obsession – Abstract Art

Obsession uses my all time favourite colours. Aptly named, I have an obsession with the colour purple. I like to have some drama in my paintings, the more contrast and texture the better.

Starting off with some basic colours and soft blends. I love to blend the paint together on my canvas, mixing the different colours by adding different amounts of each colour.

Adding more depth of colour and changing shapes where I think I need to. Nearly finished, I have to just add some more texture with the palette knife and I’m all done! I’m using packing tape to hold my canvas sheet to my board. It’s a really handy tool as it will give me a lovely little border around the edge of my sheet.

If you fancy popping over to see my next piece in progress, I have progress pictures available on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you’re ready to purchase one of my paintings please pop over to my Etsy store.

Cheers guys,

Chrissy xx

Eternal – Abstract Art

My latest piece Eternal, I think, is one of my best abstract pieces. I loved creating it so much. It brought joy to my day, even if it started out terrible. Now that I have finished it, I don’t feel sad that it’s over. I feel excited. Excited to put it out into the world. No matter what anyone’s reaction is. I’m endlessly proud of my work and it’s the closest to perfect I’ve managed to obtain this far in my new found love and appreciation for abstract art.

Above: The first stages of creating Eternal.

Most people see an abstract piece and think “well that must have taken all of 2 seconds to slap the paint on.” But let me tell you, Abstract art, a good piece takes hours. It takes mastery of techniques that most people don’t think of as techniques at all. When the only map or blueprint you have is in your head it is incredibly difficult to transfer that on to a canvas. It also takes a skill that I’ve been finding the hardest to master so far and its probably the most important……. knowing when to stop.

In the picture above I am introducing some deeper colours and shapes with green, blue and purple. I love soft blends and cloud like shapes. I love adding the deeper colours to give the piece more drama.

The texture of paint is what I love, using paint brushes and palette knives to create depth and interest in the piece is something that is new to me. I am really loving learning about how the palette knives work and the interesting shapes you can make using them.

Above: Eternal – the finished piece.

With my new found fascination for soft blends and dramatic depth of colour I think I will be creating many more pieces similar to this one.

If you would like to follow me on my art journey come and follow my Instagram or Facebook pages. Want to own one of my pieces? That’s easy, go to my Etsy store to check out what’s available!


Chrissy xx