Studying, working and creating

Well my life is pretty busy, between the kids school and sporting endeavours and a full time job that entails at least 1.5hrs travel time each day it’s a wonder how I manage to get anything else done.

Weekend fun at the park with the kiddos.

I’m studying a Cert 3 in IT and trying to teach myself how to use Procreate. I guess the only reason I’m getting any of this done is because I love it. I find the time. Playing with procreate is relaxing so I’m using that as my downtime. Here are a few things I’ve created so far.

I’m not sure if I like Procreate more than traditional art. There is just something about a paint brush on canvas, or a pencil on sketch paper. It is a whole lot less messy though!

Til next time, get creative!

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