Blooming brilliant – update on my Orchid!

A little over 2 months after I repotted my Phalaenopsis Orchid, it’s blooming again. Remember it had flowers on a different stem and I thought the repotting it might effect the new buds? It was a risk as it really did need a new pot. There are so many flowers now. They look beautiful. To see how I managed to my orchid looking so amazing follow the link.

Well it seems that it was worth it! The original stem has finished blooming, so it’ll be cut off soon. I have 2 flowers open and a third on its way. The colour of the flowers is so bright and beautiful you just know he’s healthy! After re-positioning him in a better spot he’s looking fabulous. Just goes to show how easy they are to grow with a little knowledge under your belt.

My next step will be to figure out how to propagate them if at all possible. That will be interesting to research. I will also be learning more about my Oncidium Orchid, and how best to grow and get him to bloom again.

What kind of Orchid shall I get next?

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