Blood in the Water

I have been working on some really awesome pieces of abstract work this year so far.

I’m obsessed with certain colours and trying new techniques. Creating new textures is what I am aiming for. Different shapes and trying to make each piece visually stimulating and provocative.

They are all acrylic paint on canvas and are roughly the A4 in size.

“Blood in the Water”

“Poison in the Water”

“Pieces of Us”

Each piece has been created with nature and our planet in mind. Drips of red and cream to signal blood and human tissue decaying and destroying the water. Gold is the perfect colour to make our deeds seem pure and good but in reality it’s only covering up the corruption and greed.

The blue and earthy calming tones represent the ‘calm’ that most of us believe is happening.

I would love your opinion of the pieces, and your thoughts on the topics.

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