Why creativity is so important

Being creative is not just a hobby or a talent, it is a way of life. Creativity is the ability to think outside the box, to come up with new ideas, and to solve problems in unique ways. It is a skill that can be developed and nurtured, and it has numerous benefits for individuals and society as a whole.

One of the most significant benefits of being creative is that it enhances mental health. Engaging in creative activities such as painting, writing, or playing music can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It provides an outlet for emotions and allows individuals to express themselves in a healthy way. Creativity also stimulates the brain and improves cognitive function, memory, and problem-solving skills.

Fierce Wall art

Another benefit of being creative is that it fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. Creative individuals are more likely to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems. They are also more adaptable and flexible, which is essential in today’s rapidly changing world. Creativity is a valuable asset in the workplace, and it can lead to career advancement and success.

Being creative also promotes social connections and community engagement. Creative activities such as art classes, writing groups, or theater productions bring people together and create a sense of belonging. It allows individuals to connect with others who share similar interests and passions, and it can lead to lifelong friendships and collaborations.

Being creative has numerous benefits for individuals and society. It enhances mental health, fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, and promotes social connections and community engagement. So, whether it’s painting, writing, or playing music, make time for creativity in your life and reap the rewards.

What morning routine?

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Our morning rituals coincide completely with how well the baby sleeps. If he slept well, I’ll be up at 6.00 having a cup of coffee watching him play on the floor. If he slept poorly, I’ll be awake at goodness knows when, still with a coffee albeit cold and cuddling the little Koala.

Unfortunately teething has thrown all schedules into chaos and is causing pain in all members of the house hold. Thankfully it will only last a short while.

Mostly though he’s a happy baby and we wake up to these smiles most mornings.

Happy baby smiles ❤️

Rain, hail, shine

What is your favorite type of weather?

Like many, my favourite season is autumn. I love the colours of browning leaves, the thought of colder weather to come. Fire places, hot cocoa and blankets.

However I live in Brisbane and the autumn here is much different to the autumn everywhere else. It’s still hot here. Sometimes unbearably so.

As I child I grew up loving the heat. You can play all year round here. I fell in love with autumn and winter through my love of reading. It was one set of books in particular “Holywell Stables” and “Riders” by Samantha Alexander. Romantically hoping I’d spend my days riding horse with a cute boy and my best friend.

I must admit, I read those books for the first time while sitting at the beach during summer with my granma.

Image taken by a friend in the UK while on a walk one beautiful autumn morning.

The reality of British weather is very very different. It’s miserable. I know, I lived it for almost 10 years. Except autumn. It’s magical. Beautiful. The colours are perfect, the cold dry mornings, mixed with rainy days and afternoons are just how I’d imagined them. We were lucky enough to have a fire to sit beside as well.

A cold, crisp morning (even if it’s raining) is my favourite. It makes you feel alive and although I’m not chasing horses like I dreamed I am chasing kids and I also got the cute fella.

Daily enjoyment

What do you wish you could do more every day?

I wish I could enjoy each day a little more. With a 7month old, and 2 older children I know just how quickly they grow up. Yet I can’t seem to find the joy in each day. I am too bogged down in “getting things done”.

Personalised digital art – my latest piece created for my little gem.

I wish I knew how to let go, and truly relax. While still being able to get things done. After all, I would like to grow my business as well.

Nail art Template

I created a little nail art template that is a bit less chunky than the one I got of Pinterest. I’ll leave the PNG and JPG below for you to use. let me know if you like it on instagram.

Free Nail Art Template JPG
Free Nail Art Template PNG

You can get other free resources on this Page. Remember I’m always adding new things and the page is constantly under construction.

2023 – your year. Is it really though?

Everyone is saying this year is going to be the best yet – why should it be any different than the last few years. I say that in all honesty and without malice.

Hope for the new year. Gratitude is the key.

If you want this year to be better than last year, what are you doing to make it so?

This new year could still throw you some rubbish you have no control over. Will that make everything else pointless? Does that mean you should right the whole year off?

Or, are you going to acknowledge that yep rubbish is gonna happen but let’s make the rest count anyways. 

2022 saw the arrival of baby J. For me the second I saw his squishy little face I knew it was perfect, everything I never knew I needed and wanted. Prior to that though, I was was scared as hell. My mental health had already taken a beating, how and why did I put myself in this position? I was petrified. 

I learnt so much over this last year and I would not have been able to appreciate the good that has happened and the bad. All events of this last year shaped me. Changed me.

I used to think those people that write a daily “what am I grateful for” were a little froo froo. After all, who actually writes anything of substance down everyday. I’ve come to realise that it’s not that we need to be grateful for profound things every single day of the year for it to matter. Being grateful is about acknowledging there is beauty, no matter how small in every day. Being able to work towards your goals, even if there is a mountain of work in front of you. Having goals, having things to work towards is a wonderful thing.

So this year, Instead of wishing on a star that this year is your year. Take those small steps towards your goals even if it takes a while to get to your destination. Make it your year.

Floral Garden Colouring Book

We are 9 days into this year already. The time has flown by so quickly and I am determined to make even more happy memories this year than last.

I have been working hard the last 6 months. Really hard. I’ve been building my business and slowly but surely I am starting to see some results. I’ve been writing and drawing and creating all sorts of new things. Practicing and leaning new techniques. I am really happy to release a brand new Floral Garden Colouring.

Floral and Mandala style colouring book

It is now available for purchase through Amazon in many countries. I have been working for about 6 months on this book and it’s now here.

You can check it out HERE.

Here’s a brief description of what it’s all about.

Floral Garden Colouring book: An adult colouring book featuring beautiful hand drawn flowers with mandala style borders for the beginner artist/colourist. 

Each floral sketch has been lovingly hand drawn and digitally enhanced for a superior colouring experience. The mandala style borders allow the artist to emphasise the floral designs without becoming overwhelmed by large intricate details.

With in the book: 

  • 20 unique hand drawn floral sketches designed to enhance the colouring experience 
  • Simple one off mandala style borders for relaxation
  • Illustrations specifically designed for beginners to encourage maximum creativity

Let me know what you think!

Free reference photo’s available on my website.

Happy new year!

This year we welcomed a new addition to our family, it is now perfectly complete. I forgot how precious babies are. Our biggest baby graduated primary school and is becoming a beautiful little lady. Marcus is cruising around and kicking goals at soccer and at school. Overall this year has seen some beautiful moments, we have created some amazing memories.

I’ve experienced some lows, my mental health took a bashing this year. However along with the bashing I have also learned a lot, about myself and how to deal with people better. The arrival of James has really brought into perspective what’s important in life.

I’ve been working on something new that will be released THIS WEEK! With that, here is a look back at some of what I’ve created this year.

I’ve had a lot of fun this past year. I’ve got so much planned for next year. Let’s have some fun this coming year. Wishing you all love, happiness and health in 2023!

Abstract Portraits

We all know I’m rubbish at faces, but I’m trying to get better. We all know I’m good at painting flowers, there is always room for improvement.

Abstract Floral Portrait

So to make things easier and break the face down into pieces to practice, I’ve used flowers to help me out. What do you all think? I love the oil effect.

Latest release – The Island of Ramichi

The latest chapter and artwork has been released for my short story The Island of Ramichi. Read the next chapter HERE.

The Island of Ramichi – Chapter 2

So far, I’m finding the artwork has been the hardest to create. Which surprised me a little I must admit. Trying to create and execute fantasy artwork in the same style he been very challenging. I am having fun with it however and can not wait to show you all the rest.

Please let me know what you think so far, I’m pretty happy with it but there is always room to improve and learn. I would love to know what everyone else does for fun? Am I the only one who dabbles in just about everything? Let me know what you’re up to on my socials!