Nail Art Templates and Business Planning

When starting out in a new business, things can be tough. We are torn between improving our craft, practicing and maintaining the business paperwork… so you know we can actually do our tax returns with some ease.

I’ve created a mini planner and template designer to help you with planning, keeping track of orders but also practicing and perfecting your craft.

More colours coming soon!

With printable Design sheets in 6 different shapes and practice sheets, to do lists, materials list, order pages and goal tracker there’s not much else you’ll need to get you started.

Deck the halls….. with lots of artwork!

I have been creating so many listings in my new Etsy store, it’s exhausting. creating the images is easy, trying to get the keywords, SEO and descriptions right is the hard part for me.

A few samples of the Christmas clipart I’ve been creating. I’ve really been enjoying creating Christmas themed clipart.

You can create stunning cards, phone wallpapers, decorations and even wallpaper to use this year.

Find me, follow me, send me gifts…. Just joking about the last one.

Have a Sweet Christmas

Ever wanted to print your Christmas cards, tags and wrapping paper to match but want design that no one else has.

Printable Have a Sweet Christmas Card

This gingerbread Christmas bundle is for you.

In the ‘Have a Sweet Christmas’ digital bundle you will receive:

  • 5×7 Christmas Card PNG to create your own Christmas cards
  • 1 x Christmas Card ready made template PDF – Sizeable to A4, A5 or A6 cards
  • Printable gift tags
  • Printable wrapping paper
Christmas Gift Tags

Find all of these and more in the Blue Unicorn Digital Etsy Store.

Christmas Stationary Bundle

Candy Stripe Madness

I’ve loved flowers for a long while. I have appreciated their delicate intricate design, patterns, colours, for as long as I remember.

Rose Garden

Even more so since I picked up a pencil and paint brush again 5 years ago. Since then my love and appreciation of plants and flowers has evolved.

Butterfly and Roses

Join me as I discover how to grow my own food and learn about permaculture while trying to run my full time art business.

Vegetation Vixen

Flower Pot Coloring for Adults

Introducing our new colouring pages for plant lovers everywhere. Designed with teens and adults in mind these simple but sweet designs come in two file types and 2 different sizes.

Pot Plant Coloring Pages

Available for instant download, these printable coloring pages are perfect for rainy day relaxation. Buy yours here:

Australian Animal Collection – Whale

Australia is home to the largest population of humpback whales in the world, with an estimated 40,000 individuals migrating along its coast each year.

Whale Artwork

While some whale species in Australia are considered endangered, others are not. The most threatened whale species in Australian waters is the southern right whale. They were heavily hunted during the whaling era, leading to a significant decline in their population. Today, they face threats such as entanglement in fishing gear, ship strikes, and habitat degradation. Another endangered species is the blue whale, which was also heavily targeted by whalers. Despite being protected since the 1960s, their population is slow to recover due to their slow reproductive rate and continued threats from ship strikes and ocean noise pollution. Other whale species, such as humpback whales, have shown signs of recovery since the cessation of commercial whaling, but they still face threats from entanglement, pollution, and habitat degradation.

Learn more facts about our Australian animals and see some beautiful artworks to go with them. Visit the below pages of your favourite Australian animals.

Whale Art Print

Australian Animal Collection – Kingfisher

Australian kingfishers have a unique hunting technique called “bill-clicking.” When they spot a prey, they rapidly snap their bills shut, creating a loud clicking sound. This sound stuns or disorients the prey, making it easier for the kingfisher to catch its meal!

Kingfisher Artwork

Kingfishers are not considered endangered in Australia. In fact, Australia is home to several species of kingfishers. While some species of kingfishers may face localized threats due to habitat loss or degradation, overall, they are not currently at risk of extinction in Australia. However, it is important to note that conservation efforts and habitat preservation are crucial to ensure the long-term survival of these beautiful birds.

Learn more facts about our Australian animals and see some beautiful artworks to go with them. Visit the below pages of your favourite Australian animals.

Australian Kingfisher Print

Australian Animal Collection – Manta Ray

Manta rays are known for their acrobatic skills and love for somersaults! These graceful creatures often perform impressive flips and twists in the water, seemingly just for the sheer joy of it. If you ever have the chance to witness a manta ray’s aerial acrobatics, consider yourself lucky to witness their playful nature in action!

Manta Ray Artwork

Manta rays in Australia are considered to be vulnerable and are protected under the Australian Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. They face various threats, including habitat degradation, pollution, entanglement in fishing gear, and targeted fishing for their gill plates, which are used in traditional medicine. Conservation efforts are being made to protect and preserve these magnificent creatures, including the establishment of marine protected areas and research initiatives to better understand their population dynamics and behavior.

Learn more facts about our Australian animals and see some beautiful artworks to go with them. Visit the below pages of your favourite Australian animals.

Manta Ray Art Prints