Am I a novelist?

The answer to that question is a HARD NO! However, I would like to be. I’m not really sure where to start. It’s hard knowing what is good when I write. I also feel what I “write in my head” is very different to what I manage to get on to paper. Anyone else feel the same?

A sneak peek of some of my digital art work. The Langour Jungle.

I do like to draw an image and then write a description or couple of paragraphs to go with it. I like to create a whole world to go with it. Maybe that’s where I should start? Short and sweet. Smaller more manageable goals.

The genre I like? Fantasy of course. I’ve read so many fantasy and romance books, many of them are so similar I wonder if some of the authors has a convention to discuss how many slightly different ways the same story can be told. Which makes me think “How can I come up with anything new.” It makes me not want to bother. It scares me that I’ll pour my heart and soul into something that is just average. Something that’s already been written.

With having read 100’s of books I will have found inspiration for my idea from some book or movie at some point. It’s inevitable. It is almost impossible to create something totally original. I remember reading a book once, I believe it was called Big Magic. It basically stated that there no new ideas, only different ways of they can be portrayed. Or something to that affect.

I guess, the one thing, and most important thing I’ve learnt while learning how to draw, create art and now garden and grow things is “You have to try!” I guess that’s where I’m at, I need to try. If it’s rubbish, someone will tell me – that’s guaranteed.

With that in mind, I’ve written my first paragraphs to some art work I’m really happy with. I just have to find the guts to put it out there!

Time Out with the family at the Japanese Gardens Toowoomba

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