Abstract Portraits

We all know I’m rubbish at faces, but I’m trying to get better. We all know I’m good at painting flowers, there is always room for improvement.

Abstract Floral Portrait

So to make things easier and break the face down into pieces to practice, I’ve used flowers to help me out. What do you all think? I love the oil effect.

2 thoughts on “Abstract Portraits

  1. Very nice work here! Also, I have to say I do not agree (re: faces and rubbish). From what I’ve seen on here, I don’t think you’re being fair to yourself – I like the style of what you’ve shared.

    I’m guilty of beating up my own artwork too sometimes (probably many of us are), but just thought I’d share an outsider’s opinion.

    • Thank you Jon, I guess I am hard on myself. As you said, I think all creatives are. It pushes me at least to be better. I certainly don’t think I’ll be stopping just because I am not drawing as well as I wish I could. It’s too much fun!

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