Wedding Invitations

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of creating my best friends wedding invitations, table names, and thank you cards.  I created a series of floral water colour paintings to print on to cream card. I was so worried that I wouldn’t do the flowers justice, but I think in the end the turned out beautifully. 

I used my Windsor and Newton water colour pans on watercolour paper. It took me roughly 2 months to complete them and get the design the way I wanted them. A little fiddling around with the computer just to brighten the images up a little. That actually took the longest, me trying to figure out how to use the computer software! 

Tulips – severely underrated, they colours they come in are immense. They are bright and intricate in the middle. Simply stunning.

Roses – the most romantic of all flowers I think and this orange and pink one is no exception.

My favourited flower painting is probably the poppy, it turned out so well. They way the colours blend together is just stunning. 

Lily – this one is my favourite flower in real life, I love how this one turned out so much that I’m in the middle of doing an orange one as well.

Daisies – such a simple flower in real life but very tricky to make stand out from white paper!

Daffodils – I love the bright yellow colour. This was my best friends Nans favourite flower.

Bluebells – simply stunning little flowers and such a short window of bloom.

I really enjoyed designing these floral invitations, and I’m very proud of how they turned out. I will be using water colours a lot more I think. They are definitely easier to clean up and set up.

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Chrissy xx