Triathlete in training. 

I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon. Why you ask? Well I’m petrified of riding a bike on the road and I’m terrified of swimming in open water! That’s why. Oh, and I hate running. 

I’m tired of not doing something because I’m scared. Now I’m not the kind of crazy that jumps out of a perfectly good plane, that’s just insane. But doing something as simple as riding a bike and not wanting to vomit in panic or piss myself well thats something I should be able to do. 

Being an Aussie, swimming is supposed to be in our blood. We live in he water as kids. But for me swimming lessons as a child bring up bad memories. Being forced to swim in front of all sorts of strange people, and being told I’ll never be any good, well it doesn’t really go hand in hand with enjoyable competent swimming. When you’re a teenager, it’s hard being in a tiny little one piece  (that was actually bigger than everyone else’s bikini) is so fucking uncomfortable. I would cry every time we had swimming. Holy shit was I happy when forced swimming lessons were off the cards, it was the only good thing about being in years 11 & 12.

As for bike riding, the activity itself brings back some fabulous memories. From a few of my favourite people and I riding up and down the hills outside their home in Bunya Riverside. To my earliest memory of my brother and father having a race around our back yard in Lislane Street and dad taking the corner to quick and ending up in the garden! But it also brings back that I was always the slowest, always the least confident, always he most scared. Which is strange really because I went on to ride horses for most of my life after the age of 15! 

Now as an adult I’m petrified of falling on my face, or embarrassing myself and most of all of failing. Well stuff that from now on in. Here goes everything, jumping in the deep end and it turns out I’m actually good at this swimming malarkey! (Not Olympic good, but good, and I love it!)

Feel the fear and do it anyways,

Chrissy xxx

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