Phalaenopsis Orchid Repot! How I do it.

I finally bit the bullet and repotted my lovely little Orchid. This time, I wasn’t just winging it. I thoroughly researched this particular little guy and what he needs for our climate here in Brisbane. I really love the colours of this phalaenopsis orchid and I really don’t want to lose him now. I’ve put a lot of effort into keeping him looking fabulous.

Potting media I used.

Ideally I would have waited until all the flowers had dropped off.  However I had roots growing up and out of the pot, he was so cramped in the tiny little pot he was in. The leaves were a little floppy, suggesting he wasn’t a happy little camper and they were also a little paler than I would like.

Some damaged roots.

Holy moly I’m glad I did. Once I’d pulled him out of the tiny little plastic pot I could see the problem. Some roots had rotted. He was also in only sphagnum moss with no bark. The small pot he was in did not have any aeration holes in the side.

I went to Bunnings and got a plastic pot and then a decorative outer pot. I cut ventilation and drainage in the cheap plastic clear pot so he has plenty of aeration and drainage.

After washing all the old sphagnum moss off, I cut the dead roots away with STERILE scissors (hence the isopropyl). Mixed sphagnum moss and the orchid potting mix that I had, gently tapping it in between all the roots so no major air pockets were left. I threw in a fertilising stick as well for good measure.

Then I watered him by running water from the tap all over the potting mix, trying not to get water between the leaves. And then let him drain. I need to collect rain water next time it rains, a special treat for the little fella.

Medium in his new pot.

Lastly I wiped the TOP of the leaves off. They had a bit of dust and water on them. So now he’s clean with dry leaves. This is important, you don’t want water sitting in the joints of the leaf/stem. You definitely do not want to wipe the der side of the leaves either.

His new position in our room.

I had to find a new home for him, although he was doing ok where he was. I hope his new home will have less direct sun and afternoon heat. The pending new edition to the family needs that spot for his change table so it’s best for all.

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